The Lockdown Songwriting Camp – more productive but less booze!

So the first ever Lockdown Songwriting Camp took place earlier this week. I hadn’t run a songwriting course over Zoom before and I was interested to see how effective it would be. The great news is that it was just as creatively inspiring and productive for everyone involved as it would have been face to face. In fact participants enjoyed having all their instruments and recording gear to hand at home. On a residential course it would be impossible to have all your songwriting tools and instruments with you. The virtual format over Zoom also took the pressure off people performing – it was a more chilled affair and some people chose to record themselves on the iPhone or even in Logic and then email over MP3s when sharing music. Over the three days everyone came up with at least 3 new superb songs each and everyone found the challenge of writing to brief and on a tight timescale made them more productive and also elicited songs in new styles for them. So overall there were a lot of benefits of running a course over Zoom, with potentially more creativity, the convenience of being at home, and of course a much smaller price tag. The virtual course was just £90 per person for the whole three days. The only thing that was missing was probably the beer and wine that would have otherwise been drunk together in the evenings if we’d all been together on a residential songwriting course. But the lack of hangovers probably made everyone even more productive. We’ll all be staying in touch and it was such a success the Lockdown Songwriting Camp II is now launched and taking place for three days from Monday 29th June 2020. Book now to reserve your place. Email [email protected] for more info and request a booking form. Places are limited to 6 people so book asap. Cost is £90 per person.