Ivor Novello mentoring

Earlier this year I was honoured to have the wisdom and talent of Ivor Novello winning songwriter Pete Kirtley mentoring me. Pete has had seven number 1 hits worldwide including Hear’Say’s number 1 hit Pure and Simple which at the time was the fastest selling debut single of all time in the UK after Hear’Say won the ITV show PopStars.

Pete and I enjoyed regular Zoom calls (sadly the pandemic meant we couldn’t meet face to face) and Pete gave constructive feedback on my work and helped me find ‘my lane’. Getting to learn from Pete also meant I was set deadlines and so my productivity went through the roof. I played so much smoke was coming off the piano keys! Well nearly. I also learnt about taking my voice and piano playing more seriously. I’m exercising my voice much more now and I’ve returned to playing scales and arpeggios on the piano every day. I wish someone could have explained to me as a child what the reason was for practicing your scales every day. I might have approached it differently then instead of just seeing it as a chore.

As a result Pete’s support I am now at the final mixing stages of my new pop EP and a whole album of classical piano and cello works written with TV and film in mind. Watch this space! In the meantime, thank you to Pete for your generosity and encouragement! You’re a bloody ledge!