Sonic idents and music for your brand

Charlotte has worked as a copywriter in advertising for many years where she also wrote and recorded sonic idents and music for clients’ audio branding. If you need bespoke music for radio, TV, videos, presentations, creative customer experiences, online, TikTiok and anything else you can think of then Charlotte writes and produces in any style.

Her speciality is high end recordings with live acoustic instruments which really helps your brand stand out from the crowd and speaks quality.

With links to the best session musicians in the business and her talent for instantly catchy tunes, if you’re after an audio brand for your business, a Charlotte Eve composition is an inspiring choice.

As a seasoned advertising professional Charlotte is on it when it comes to understanding and sticking to a brief and producing works quickly and professionally. Charlotte also understands the client is everything and so she is a keen listener and always ready to change and adapt works until it hits the mark the client wants.

Personable, flexible and reliable – if you want the best sonic idents and audio branding in the business, then you need Charlotte on board.

Listen to the Jingle Showreel here. Includes light hearted upbeat sonic indents for radio you cannot get out of your head, powerful classical works and music composed using real sounds collected in-situ for a brand. Listen here.

Read Charlotte’s latest blog on using music in your marketing.

Get in touch to discuss your brand and the music you need. Let’s make sure you’re truly in tune with your audience. Email or phone 07766 220526.