Film & TV

Sync in top Bafta winning drama:

Charlotte’s piano and voice tracks have been featured in BBC drama including Bafta winning Best Drama, In The Flesh and the new ground breaking drama The Informer.

Production music:

Charlotte’s beautiful song Follow The Sun has been recently used on Channel 4 The Great Hotel Escape.

Just out on Big Screen Music/ Boost Music are 5 beautiful acoustic tracks by Charlotte – think the Christmas John Lewis ad for the kind of vibe. Check out Space Love, Follow The Sun, Promise Me, Only Happens One Time and Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now on the Intimate Acoustic Album here now.

Charlotte’s latest Emotional Piano and Strings album has just been released on Gargantuan and is now available for TV and Film. Check out the emotional album here!explorer?b=5679883

Bibliothèque Music Library are also working with Charlotte with this driving instrumental with piano and live cello, Come On Follow Me, just released on the album Emotional Scores.