The groundbreaking new BBC Drama The Informer is on BBC iPlayer in UK now. Charlotte’s powerful song The Devil is featured in Ep. 6. US audiences will hear the track in Episode 1 too! The Devil is now available to buy on iTunes and other digital platforms.

Official Music Video for One Love out now! Thank you to generosity of Ray Davies for recording at Konk. Watch and share here!

Charlotte’s beautiful new ballad Follow The Sun has just been featured on Channel 4’s Great Hotel Escape. Listen here.

Charlotte Eve is currently one of the most original and exciting composers in the UK, with a unique voice to match. Chris Martin and Ray Davies are both fans of her work which gives you an idea of the pedigree of her songwriting. Her distinctive piano and voice work and alt pop tracks have enjoyed critical acclaim and  been featured in BBC Bafta winning drama and a wide range of dramas and documentaries across the world.

Her classical piano and strings works are enjoying placements in TV and film globally – immediately recognisable as Charlotte Eve creations they stand apart with their exquisitely crafted and memorable melodies that tug on your heart strings.

Charlotte is currently working on a new alt pop album and classical piano album – both due for release in Spring 2021 and with tours planned for summer 2021.

A selection of her catalogue is currently signed to Music Publisher Ellis Rich OBE.

Charlotte Eve offers:

  • Songwriting for international artists.
  • Co-writing services.
  • Music for film and TV.
  • Music for advertising.
  • Songwriting tuition/ courses.

Quote from Jonny Campbell, BAFTA winning Film Director:

“I’ve long been a huge fan of Charlotte Eve’s music and was fortunate to use her hauntingly melodic track THE DEVIL for my soundtrack of IN THE FLESH (BBC3). Her latest track ONE LOVE is such a memorable and evocative melody, characteristically performed with her unbridled passion and raw soul. Charlotte’s unique ability to simultaneously capture light and shade – both the spirit of joy in relationships as well as their aching fragility has been a hallmark of her songwriting and this is a wonderful addition to her repertoire. What a talent.”